Automating Mileage Tracking – One Less Task To Worry About

Tracking your mileage for business purposes is tedious. It’s easy to forget to track a trip or to misplace your mileage book. When it comes to tax season, you can be left scrambling to get everything in order.So when Mohamed came across MileIQ, he was excited to share it with the team and with all of you!

It’s really quite simple – you download the app onto your smartphone, it runs in the background and detects when you’re driving, you swipe right if it’s a business trip and left its personal. When it comes to tax season you can access all your reports by month. Easy.

Having your drives tracked automatically takes the inconvenience out of mileage tracking. Your only task with MileIQ is to classify each of these trips as either business or personal, and once that’s done the reports are automatically generated.

To get the most out of MileIQ we recommend classifying trips on a daily or weekly basis. You can also customize the app for additional automation. For example, you can create a list of frequent drives that can be automatically classified as business or personal and you can enter work hours so that all trips during those hours are classified as business. All of these customizations increase automation and allow you to get the most time savings.

Since the CRA does allow business owners to take a deduction for their business mileage, it only makes sense to ensure you have a process in place to track your mileage. To get more information about what the CRA requires you to track check out their website.

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