#13 Handling Human Resources with Samantha Leonard

Podcast   Nov 17, 2020

We’re excited to be joined once again by Samantha Leonard, co-founder of Stream Dental HR, on this episode of the Grow Your Dental Practice Podcast. Stream Dental HR is a company that helps dentists build, develop and grow their team by building and implementing HR systems that help ensure a thriving business and incredible culture, and over the past few months they’ve been busy helping their clients navigate the current crisis.

Samantha is joining us so we can dig into dental human resources and talk about what you and your clinic can be doing to do it better. We’re talking about everything about how to identify and hire the right people for your clinic, what to do when good people leave and how to make sure it doesn’t turn into a disaster, onboarding best practices, a quick conversation on bonus structures and the importance of using automated HR software. It’s going to be a great episode and I’m excited to share what Samantha had to say with you.

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