#10 Maximizing Your Recall with Leah Dennis

Podcast   Mar 18, 2020

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Leah Dennis is the Director of Client Success at RecallMax, a recall and reminder software that helps you automate and centralize your recall tasks. But RecallMax wasn’t Leah’s first rodeo. She started in the dental industry in 2003 and managed one of the largest dental practices in North America. She then started and ran her own management consultancy practise that was focused on system development and implementation and stats analysis.

Leah joined RecallMax two years ago and is in charge of delivering education and consultative advance to their client base to help them capitalize on all growth opportunities in their practice or network. On this episode of the Grow Your Dental Practice Podcast, Leah is going to share with us her insights on recall-related topics including:

  • The process of recall booking
  • The recall roller coaster and how to deal with it
  • How to prime yourself for success
  • The importance of personal engagement and how to make it easier for admins
  • How to prioritize for the best ROI
  • The key metrics for evaluating your system
  • Why you want to use an actual system for recall
  • How to make the overall process easier, smoother and more effective

We are really excited to share Leah’s story with you. We believe she has some amazing insights that you can take away and apply to your own practice

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