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Reporting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Payable

We’re here to worry about the back-end of your business so you don’t have to. With our cloud-based accounting systems, we record your revenue and expenses in real-time, keeping track of all of your financial information as it happens.

We know that having an accountant that’s part of your success team is important, which is why we’re dedicated to helping meeting and exceed your financial & non financial goals. We don’t just review your accounts yearly… we’re here every step of the way.

Using advanced technology systems mean you spend less time bookkeeping and more time focusing on building your business. With Xero, our cloud-based accounting system, your books stay up-to-date, which means you have relevant information to make decisions that impact your business.

And yes we can also take care of all your payables and process your payroll as well.

Business Coaching

KPI's & Business growth strategies

We understand the dental industry. Combine this with the fact that we’re fast-paced and forward-thinking technologists, and you’re looking at a whole new approach to your finances.

We don’t just manage your accounts on a daily basis — we help you set goals, and benchmark these goals to evaluate your performance at the end of every month. We’ll talk through your KPIs, such as productions, collections, and profit, and give you actionable insights on how your dental office is tracking.

What does this all mean?

We’ll set a budget to reflect your goals, and then we’ll go a step further. We’ll help you achieve them.


Accounting Process

  • Bookkeeping is done once every two months
  • Papers and bills are delivered to bookkeeper
  • Delay and errors with bookkeeping

Management reports

  • Information is not relevant or timely
  • Missing important details


Document management 

  • Paper based workflow
  • Difficult to file and retrieve documents
  • Challenging to collaborate with others


Accounting Process

  • Bookkeeping is done daily
  • Real time visibility on financial data
  • Cloud based technology

Management reports

  • Monthly management reports
  • Accurate and relevant information
  • Variance analysis, and advice

Document management 

  • Cloud based technology
  • Easy to find documents and collaborate with others
  • Paperless office workflow
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