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You can hire any old bookkeeper, but wouldn’t it be better if you had one that knew your industry?

Put your practice’s financials in the hands of a firm that knows the industry and can help you grow. It can be hard to differentiate between bookkeepers, aren’t they all the same?

Here at Shift we’ve got our dental bookkeeping down to both an art and a science. We use cloud accounting technology to eliminate the back-and-forth, saving you time, delivering you faster results and eliminating mistakes.

We provide a dental-specific Chart of Accounts. It captures your direct costs and overhead correctly so they can be benchmarked against the industry and your own practice.

We provide timely and accessible bookkeeping reports. Shift reports come faster than your old bookkeeper and you can understand them. Then at year end we package everything up and give it directly to your tax accountant so they’ve got everything they need to get your taxes done on time.

No clean-up. No catch-up. Never behind. Maybe not all bookkeepers are the same.

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