#15 Resiliency in the Dental Industry

Podcast   Sep 14, 2021

On the podcast today, we have Dr. Amreesh Khanna (https://www.linkedin.com/in/amreesh-khanna/) joining us to speak about resiliency in the dental industry. Dr. Amreesh Khanna is a University of Alberta alumni and has been a practicing dentist for nearly 15 years, where he now currently owns and operates Midtwon Dental in Calgary - https://midtowndentalcalgary.com/about/dr-amreesh-khanna/

He leads with his core values of “inspire, influence, educate” by not only working as an experienced dental clinician but also as an innovator and educator.

Giving back is also at the core of who Dr. Khanna is. He is the founder of the SHINE Dental Clinic in Edmonton, a fully student run clinic treating inner city youth weekly, while running a scholarship at the University of Alberta under the same name.

He has also founded “Cause to Smile,” a philanthropic organization focused around a simple mission, to do good beyond the walls of clinics and leave a positive impact on our larger communities.

We are so excited to have him join us to speak to us more about the work he does and why resilience is profoundly important in this profession.


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