# 14 Your Financial Future in a Disrupted Dental World

Podcast   Nov 18, 2020

Vic Jindal We are excited to welcome Vic Jindal president of Jindal Financial Group and CEO of DentistryDisrutped to the Grow Your Dental Practice Podcast. He has over 25 years under his belt and focuses on practice management, start ups, tax planning, wealth and risk for dental professionals across Canada.

Vic is a huge dental industry influencer and is an authority within the industry, often offering timely commentary for well known professional organizations. He’s helped build and buy over 800 offices, and advised on optimal practice structure, branding and marketing for growth. They’ve quickly grown to become the leading dental advisory firm in Canada. They continue to partner with thousands of dental professionals to assist in optimizing best strategies for growth using a proactive approach to the business of dentistry in this ever-evolving and rapidly-changing profession.

Vic is joining us on the podcast to talk about the big lessons he learned during COVID and how optimistic he is about the future of the dental industry despite what the world looks like today. He’s touching on his thoughts related to:

  • What advice the gives dentists around making decisions when they’re in uncertain conditions
  • What he’s see practices do during COVID time and the opportunities he sees in the future for dentists
  • Sharing past industry disruptions and talking about what he sees for the future of dentistry in the next few years
  • Advice for start-up clinics vs. those looking to retire
  • The key to financial freedom

Hear the full interview by listening to the episode.

The Grow Your Dental Practice Podcast is hosted by Mohamed Ismail, founder of Shift Accounting. Mohamed is a cloud accounting expert and business advisor that works with dental and medical professionals. Shift Accounting is a Canadian digital firm that help their dental and medical clients reach their financial goals with their superior business consulting and bookkeeping services. Shift provides clients with financial insights that help them improve their profitability and achieve their goals faster.

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